One of a kind massage experience in Shinjuku


Best Massage place heat in Tokyo (Shinjuku)

Have you ever heard “Bio-electric therapy" ?  This place provide best massage experience in Shinjuku. This is not like a relaxation type massage, this is more like medical treatment one.


What is bio-electric therapy ?

Fist of all, it is 3 times more effective than the other type of massage. It means, you can save your time for massage but you can get better results. This provides great outcome like

  • stiff-neck
  • eye strains
  • difficulty in hearing
  • difficulty in walking
  • tendon, ligament injuries

and more.

The mechanism is totally different from the other type of massage, you can feel the difference in a sec. It works for all mitochondria. Mitochondria is the organelles produce ATP(source of energy for muscle), you can find in all the cells in your body. Your body is consisted by 6 trillion of cells. If you could improve the all 6 trillion cells function, you can get back any bad symptoms.  This is not commonly known ,but these days, researchers find out most of the diseases are caused by mitochondria’s disfunction.


I’ll summarize the benefits below,

  • Provide best outcome
  • Time saving but never compromise its quality
  • 5min away from Shinjuku
  • The owner speaks fluent English 

I’ll explain more detail as follows


Provide best outcome

We provide best outcome. This treatment is a combination of oriental medicine and science. You may have experienced oriental medicine , but probably not with a combination of science.

The customer satisfaction is over 98%, everyone says “I never experienced this type of massage. It is amazing".  If you care about the outcome, you cannot choose the other services.



Time saving but never compromise its quality

The standard course, it takes 40 min. It is not that long to compare to the other Thai massage or chiropractic but the outcome and its quality is much better than the others. After taking 40 mins of bio-electric therapy, all customers say cannot compare. It covers from heel to head. Can get  back physical function and also mental condition.

Thai massage 120 mins < Bio-electric therapy 40 mins


5min away from Shinjuku

It is very important to have good access. It is perfect location in Tokyo. Shinjuku can reach anywhere. You can drop by Cell Healing, before and after your plans.



〒160-0023 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishishinjuku, 7 Chome−9−5 オークプラザビル 3F

The owner speaks fluent English

The owner had lived in CA and has Filipino wife, he is used to speak English. In Japan, most of the relaxation(massage) places, no one can speak English. That can cause troubles sometimes.

Also you can ask about some recommended tourist spots, restaurants and others. Feel free to contact us.


Prices for Bio-medical therapy

Standard Course  40 mins  15,000 JPY( about 120 USD)

If you want to know more about price and Bio-electric therapy, please visit here