3 things to do in Shinjuku


There are so many things to do in Tokyo. Eating,visiting tourist spots, drinking, clubbing, massage. If you stay near Shinjuku, I would like to recommend 3 things below.

Eat best ramen (noodles)

Ramen is one of the most popular local food in Japan. It originally comes from China but Japanese made arrangement by their way. Today’s ramen, it is totally different from original one. It costs 500-1200 yen (4-10 USD), but it’s worth much more than that prices.

There are tons of ramen restaurants in Tokyo. If you are located around Shinjuku, I would like to recommend 7 ramen restaurants.


Ichiran (一蘭)


It is standard Tonkotsu(pork bone broth) soup noodle. It has unique way to eat. It is each private seat separated by wall . You can just focus on eating by yourself.

Recommendation when you order:

  • Flavor Strength : medium (strong can be a bit salty)
  • Richness: rich (ultra rich is a bit greasy but still good)
  • Garlic:1 clove (garlic is perfect match with this ramen. Don’t forget to add)
  • Green onion:weak green onion (strong green onion can be a good choice as well)
  • Roast pork fillet: with (it is must have )
  • Secret sauce: regular or double (too much sauce can spoil the good flavor )
  • Noodle’s tenderness:firm (if you choose medium when you almost finish the ramen, texture can be too soft. Since it is thin type noodle, you can order firm and can enjoy the changing texture while you are eating)


Shop information

● Ichiran Shinjuku-Chuo-Higashiguchi ten (一蘭 新宿中央東口店) ←MAP Link

Open: AM9:00-6:00AM

Ichiran Shinjuku Kabukicho ten (一蘭 新宿歌舞伎町店)

Open: 24/7


Tatsunoya (龍の家)

Tatsunoya ramenThis place is also the one of the most famous ramen restaurant in Tokyo. Tatsunoya is orginally from Kumamoto (located the other island in Japan where has the best ramen)

They have a lot of tourists, they are super friendly and used to communicate in English as well ( most of the ramen shop are hard to communicate in English and some are even rude for all customers)

Most of the lunch time and dinner time, you have to wait more than 30-min. I recommend to come here between 3-5pm weekday.

Shop information

Tatsunoya Otakibashi ten (龍の家 小滝橋店)←MAP Link

Open: AM11:00-PM11:30

Ebisoba Ichigen (えびそば 一幻)

This place is a bit different ramen type to compare to the others. It special feature is the soup is Shrimp base one. If you don’t like seafood soup cannot recommend this but if you love, this can be one of an unforgettable experience.



Please check the image below. This is the vending machine for buying tickets. Many of ramen shop in Japan you can pay only cash by this type of vending machine.

My recommendation is “あじわい 味噌(strong taste Miso)" & “あじわい しお(Strong taste Salt)" with thick type noodles.  These has super rich taste and perfect match with the best quality noodles.

The shop’s recommendation is “そのまま しお(Light taste salt)" the benefit of this taste is you can more focus on shrimp flavor.

Ebisoba order Recommendation

Shop information

Ebisoba Ichigen Shinjuku ten (えびそば 一幻 新宿店) ←MAP Link

Open:AM11:00-PM11:00  (They close randomly )


Fu-unji tsukemen

Fuunji is a ramen restarant famous for chicken and fish broth. This ramen is different from Tonkotsu(pork bone broth) one. They serve Ramen and Tsukemen(dipping style ramen) . My recommendation is their Tsukemen. Tsukemen is dipping style Ramen. You will dip noodles into strong taste hot soup. (also can choose hot noodle called “Atsumori (熱盛)" . Noodle’s texture can be different. Atumori is softer and can keep the soup warm)

 Note: Always making long lines

Shop information

 Fu-unji  (風雲児) ←MAP Link

Open: Mon- Sat AM11:00-PM3:00 / PM5:00-PM9:00 


Menya sho (麵屋翔)


Menya sho serve light but rich taste chicken base soup Ramen. It locates a bit far from the station but many customers are making long lines everyday.If you are fed up with strong greasy taste, it’s good for a change.


Shop information

 Menya Sho honten (麵屋 翔 本店) ←MAP Link

Open: Tue- Sun AM11:00-PM3:00 / PM6:00-PM10:00


■ Sugoi niboshi ramen Nagi (すごい煮干ラーメン凪)

ramen-nagiNagi serve super strong fish taste soup with unique good texture noodles. When you stand in front of this shop you can imagine the taste of fish soup with that strong fish smells. They use a lot of dried sardine to make their soup. Cannot recommend people don’t like fish soup. From that strong fish flavor, some people are like addicted to their ramen, cannot stop repeating. Some say it is one of the best ramen, some say it is too strong taste cannot think about repeating. It is worth try which group will you belong. 

Shop information

 Sugoi niboshi ramen Nagi Nishi Shinjuku7 chome ten(すごい煮干ラーメン凪 西新宿7丁目店)←MAP Link

Open: Mon-Sat AM11:00-PM11:00 / Sun AM11:00-PM9:00

 Sugoi niboshi ramen Nagi Shinjuku Goldengai bekkan (すごい煮干ラーメン凪 新宿ゴールデン街店 別館) ←MAP Link

Open: 24/7


 Sugoi niboshi ramen Nagi Shinjuku Goldengai honkan (すごい煮干ラーメン凪 新宿ゴールデン街店 本館) ←MAP Link

Open: 24/7


Tsukemen Gonokami seisakusho (つけ麺 五ノ神製作所)

If you are looking for a great Tsukemen place, this would be a choice. They serve Shrimp soup type Tsukemen.(Tsukemen is a dipping style Ramen as described above)

They have 3 kinds Shrimp base Tsukemen.

  • Shrimp Tsukemen. (海老つけ麵)
  • Shrimp Tomato Tsukemen (海老トマトつけ麵)
  • Shrimp Miso Tsukemen (海老味噌つけ麵)

Actually all of them are amazing. Any choice cannot go wrong. The problem is this place also has long lines.You have to be ready for waiting in a line for 30-min.


Shop information

 Tsukemen Gonokami seisakusho (つけ麵 五ノ神製作所) ←MAP Link

Open: AM11:00-PM9:00


Visit best Izakaya (Japanese pub serving good food)

There are many Izakaya in Japan.In Shinjuku because of so many people, even they don’t serve good ones but still can have business.

■ The thing, you have to know before finding Izakaya

You CANNOT go any Izakaya is the one trying to get customers like pimps. They will talk to you on streets and recommend and bring you some restaurants. But it is actually rip-offs. Some of restaurants are operated by Yakuza (Japanese mafia), if you go there not just wasting your time and money but also providing capital to Japanese mafia. If you encounter those people in Shinjuku (especially Kabukicho area) you have to just ignore them. Don’t be nice person at this time.  If you decide where to go before walking around Shinjuku no need to worry about it. I’ll introduce some best Izakayas below,


Yona yona beer works (よなよなビアワークス)Yonayonabeerworks

“Yona yona beer works" serves the best beers in Japan. If you are crazy for beers you cannot miss this place. Their beers were known as local beers in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan. These days they started selling their canned beers at convenience stores and also run some restaurants in Tokyo.

They serve not only the best beers also the best foods at their restaurants.  It is hard to compare but the best one is their chicken . This is the best chicken you can try in Tokyo. 

Yonayona chicken




Shop information

 Yona yona beer works Shinjuku Higashiguchi ten (よなよなビアワークス 新宿東口店) ←MAP Link

Open: AM11:30-PM3:00 /PM5:00-PM11:30

Yona yona beer works Kabukicho ten (よなよなビアワークス 歌舞伎町店)←MAP Link

Open: PM4:00-PM11:30


Robatayaki Zekkocho Teppen Shinjuku(ろばた焼き 絶好調てっぺん 新宿店)

SatsumaageThey provide traditional Japanese food. If you want to try good Japanese food, this place would be a choice for you. Their sashimi,Grilled fish, Sake are great. Any food is much higher than average. And I’ll introduce you their best one is their deep fried fish cake (Jikasei Satsuma-age 自家製さつま揚げ). This exceed your imagination of fish cake, once you eat this, fish cakes in your world would be totally different one. 


Shop information  

 Robatayaki Zekkocho Teppen Shinjuku (ろばた焼き 絶好調てっぺん 新宿店) ←MAP Link

Open: PM5:00-AM12:00

Tsukada Nojo (塚田農場)

“Tsukada Nojo" is a farm in Japanese character. Their concept is they serve their great foods directly from their own farm. Actually they own their farm in Miyazaki pref., Kyusyu(another island in Japan). 

Miyazaki pref. is famous for best chicken and pork. Grilled chicken has totally different texture, richer taste and higher nutrition. They also serve raw chicken, you may not into it but,that has amazing taste. No where you can try raw chicken in this world but in Japan. If you are fun of Japanese-food , it’ll be a perfect experience and you’ll definitely love it.

Best time to visit this restaurants better to avoid Fri and Sat dinner time.(between 7-9pm ) Except that time, mostly it would be available (if you are not a big group)

The staff wears Japanese traditional cloths Yukata. You must check it out as well.


  • Miyazaki Jitokko Sumibiyaki (宮崎じとっこ炭火焼)


  • Chicken Nanban (チキン南蛮)

Chicken nanban

  • Munetataki (胸たたき)

Sashimi Chicken

Shop information

 Kagoshima-ken Kirishima-shi Tsukada Nojo Nishi Shinjuku Otakibashi Ten(鹿児島県霧島市 塚田農場 西新宿小滝橋店) ←MAP Link

Open:Mon-Fri PM5:00-AM12:00 / Sat-Sun PM4:00-AM12:00

 Miyazakiken Nichinanshi Tsukada nojo Shinjuku-Higashiguchi ekimae ten (宮崎県日南市 塚田農場 新宿東口駅前店) ←MAP Link

Open: Mon-Thu PM5:00-AM12:00 /Fri PM5:00-AM1:00 / Sat PM4:00-AM1:00 /Sun PM4:00-AM12:00

 Miyazakiken Nichinanshi Tsukada nojo Shinjuku Honten (宮崎県日南市 塚田農場 新宿本店)←MAP Link

Open: Mon-Thu PM5:00-AM12:00 /Fri PM5:00-AM5:00 /Sat-Sun PM4:00-AM12:00

 Miyazakiken Nichinanshi Tsukada nojo Shinjuku Nishiguchi Yubinkyokumae ten (宮崎県日南市 塚田農場 新宿西口郵便局前店) ←MAP Link

Open:Mon-Sat PM5:00-AM12:00/Sun PM4:00-PM11:00


■ Shiroganeya (白銀屋)

Daisendori Sashimi steakThey have the best food for reasonable prices. You can experience the traditional Japanese food and style here. The food is not expensive but the taste are the best. It is traditional atmosphere with cozy style.

The problem is they don’t really speak English and all the menu is just Japanese text and no pictures.(as of 2018)

Their special is Chicken Sashimi Steak (Raw chicken) . It has low fat and high protein and best texture with rich taste.

Raw chicken is one of the best one here in Japan. You will definitely surprise the taste and its quality. If you go this place, you cannot miss it. 


Shop information

Shiroganeya (白銀屋) ←MAP Link

Open: Mon-Fri AM11:30-PM3:00  PM5:30-PM9:30/ Sat AM11:30-PM3:00  PM5:30-PM10:00


Experience one of a kind massage – Cell Healing

Cell Healing is the only place provides best massage in Tokyo. There are many kinds of massage like Thai massage, Swedish massage, Japanese shiatsu, Foot massage, Head spa, Acupuncture (happy ending one). You cannot compare the other massage. It takes less than 1 hour but its outcome is more than 2 hours massage. You can take massage from head to toe.

■ 3 reasons I recommend to tourists

  • Time effective
  • Close to Shinjuku station
  • 98% satisfaction
  • Great communication in English
  • Effective any problem during trip

Time effective

During trip, we cannot waste any minutes but keep walking, doing activity a whole day can cause fatigue and health problems. If a massage, it takes for 2 hours it is hard to manage sometimes. If you can take massage for 40-min and actual outcome is more than 2-hours outcome, it would be ideal for busy tourists. If you want to save time but want to recover from fatigue, this place(Cell Healing) would be the best choice.


98% satisfaction

Almost all customers say satisfied its quality.  Sometimes if you just visit random massage place, it can be just waste of time and cannot get enough results from that service. High customer review is one of the criteria to judge its quality. You cannot regret after taking this massage but if you didn’t take it, you will definitely regret.


Great communication in English

Most of the massage place in Japan, they don’t speak English. Even their pricing is, sometimes, complicating and can cause troubles. We have no troubles with customers for payment and explanation. (many of massage place don’t accept credit card but we do )


Effective any problem during trip

Since Cell Healing is solving problems with approaching mitochondria, can be effective any conditions. I’ll introduce some examples below. 


■ Effective to many conditions (symptoms)

It is effective below conditions.

  • Stiff-neck
  • Eyestrain
  • Leg fatigue
  • Back-pain
  • Migraine
  • Liver fatigue

This is totally different from conventional massage. It more focus on outcome than relaxation. And you cannot find this type of massage in any other countries. If you are into massage, you cannot miss this place. 


■ Cell Healing Shop information

● Open hours


*Need to have reservation beforehand

● Location

160-0023 Oakplaza bldg 3F, 7-9-5 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo


Contact email : info@cell-healing.com

Online reservation(Japanese only) : Link here