Best massage place in Tokyo


“Don’t know where to go for massage in Tokyo”

What is the best massage in Tokyo ? Before I introduce the best one, how to define “the BEST" massage. I’ll define “the best" in these actors below,

  • Price
  • Time effective
  • Quality(satisfaction)
  • Place
  • Communication


■ Price

Price is the one of the most important factor for making decision. Any products cannot ignore the prices. Price can affect total budget of trips. If the product or service is the exactly same, no one chooses higher price one. The price also reflects its quality. If the price is high, it means, at least some people could see value for that price. If a company provide a product higher price and everyone thinks it is not worth to pay, the company will go bankrupt soon or later. The pricing has meaning. Price has responsibility. It can apply all the countries. If you try to find good quality thing in Japan, you better to check from the higher prices.

As for the massage, you can find some super cheap ones like 20-30 USD ones, it states its quality, they may not find out their problems, they haven’t had enough training to do that or just a beginner.

If you got luck you can get good one for cheap price. If you cannot fail, better to pay higher price.


■ Time effective

While staying in Japan, your time is limited. If you’re staying in Tokyo for 3 days, time for activity is just about 24-36 hours. And if I calculate the activity hours hourly cost for the trip,can be 33-42 USD for the trip (1,000 USD divided by 24-36hours)

If you made a wrong decision and lost for 3 hours, it equivalent to 100 USD. It can be a big loss. And not only the money, you will lose one precious memory in Japan(Tokyo).

During your stay, any activities has to be right and time effective.


■ Quality (Satisfaction)

To judge if it’s the right decision, the quality and satisfaction no one can ignore. To define, the quality,when it comes to massage, problem solving skills can be the 1st criteria. To solve the problems you or the therapist have to find out the problems and need to give the solutions for it.

Also time spend there also can affect the quality. Atmosphere, communication may include in this factor.


■ Place

Accessibility is also important factor for making decisions. Even if it is super cheap like just for 10 USD for an hour massage but if it is far to get (like takes about an hour), you’ll just waste your time and lost time to stay in Japan. It has to be the good location especially during trips. 


■ Communication

Normally communication cannot be a big problem when it comes to massage and if you want to solve the problems, communication can be the factor for making decisions. While you stay in Japan, you may experience though, it is hard to communicate in English. When it comes to massage, you cannot see someone can speak English. 

If you want to have good communication and want to have better outcome, you have to know how to describe your situation in Japanese or find some places they can speak English.


Which one would be the best for massage in Tokyo

Cell Healing" can be the only choice for choosing massage place in Tokyo.  “Cell Healing" meet all the factors above. I’ll explain about it below,


■ Price

Cell Healing" provide the best price for the massage. Everyone says it is 3 times faster to be effective, but the price is not as much as 3 times to compare to average. It costs 15,000 JPY (about 120 USD), not too expensive but not cheap. Since the pricing is perfect it assures you the quality of services.


■ Time effective

Cell Healing" has unique way to give massage, we called  this “Bio-eletric therapy" and it takes for 40 min for massage. It is kind of short time, quick massage but the outcome exceeds 120 min thai-massage.  If you cannot miss any hours during your trip, this place can be the best choice. 

Since it takes much less time, after massage, you can spend more time for dinner or the other activity. (As for recommended restaurants near “Cell Healing" you can find choices here)


■ Quality (Satisfaction)

Quality is also important. If you experience bad massage in Tokyo, your impression about Japan also can be bad. We care about how our customer feels. What is good in “Cell Healing

  • Focus on problem solving and its outcome
  • Equivalent to more than 120 mins Thai-massage by 40-min Bio-electric therapy
  • Have organic essential oils aroma diffusers

Proudly state this but our Customer satisfaction is over 98%. Almost all of the customer says “This is the best massage ever", if you want to experience the genuine massage, you cannot miss “Cell Healing


■ Place

The location is important,it has to be close to

  • Stations
  • Hotels
  • Tourist spots

 “Cell Healing" can be perfect match for your needs,

  • 5-min walk from Shinjuku Sta.*
    * Shinjuku sta. is the most crowded station in the world. Heart of Shinjuku, on one miss visiting during trip in Tokyo
  • Close to major hotels in Shinjuku
  • Neat Kabukicho (The famous tourist spots )


■ Communication

The owner speaks fluent English. He was born and grew up in Tokyo. He had airbnb before and he can give good advice for your trip. 


How to make a reservation for massage ?

“Cell Healing" asks to make a reservation for all the customers. Please contact us via email.

Email address:

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