Acute back pain (Strained back) pressure points


What is Acute back pain (Strained back) ?

Acute back pain can be caused by accumulated muscle stress. Back pain has 3 types and acute back pain (strained back) can be classified into 2 types


Back pain types

1.Zygapophysial joint back pain

2.Muscle/fascia back pain

3.Spondylosis deformans


1.Zygapophysial joint back pain

All kinds of back pain it occurs from zygapophysial joints called “zygapophysial joints back pain"

Most of the strained back cause is this.


2. Sarcous (Muscle)/fascial back pain

Acute back pain can be caused by too much stretching or spraining. The pain and stiffness mostly can be found the side of  erector muscle of spine. Sometimes it can be found around buttocks.


What does pressure points work for Acute back pain(Sprained back) ?

Here’s the pressure points on hands and legs for Sprained back.


■ Hands pressure points

These pressure points can be applied for Acute back pain (Sprained back), tenosynovitis, rheumatoid arthritis.

The red spots are the one below


■ Legs pressure points

Back of knee (wĕi zhōng -委中)

「委」means curve shape in Chinese character it named the spot is located middle of the knee when it’s bent. 

The red spot is the one below,










Ankle (Kūn lún -崑崙)

「崑崙」is a name of mountain in west China. It’s named by its location the ankle look like a mountain and the spot is located the outside of ankle.

The red spot is the one below,








These spots are the good for acute back pain (sprained back)


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Ref:図解 東洋医学 人体の経穴[ツボ]と経絡

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