Chronic back pain pressure points


What is chronic back pain ?

Chronic back pain is caused by long time muscular tension, which triggers pains by accumulated pain in muscle. Generally, back pain has 3 types. 


Back pain types

1.Zygapophysial joint back pain

2.Muscle/fascia back pain

3.Spondylosis deformans


1.Zygapophysial joint back pain

All kinds of back pain it occurs from zygapophysial joints called “zygapophysial joints back pain"

In chronic back pain case, zygapophysial joints distortion can be found.


2.Muscle/fascia back pain

Chronic back pain can be caused muscular tension, which is triggered by bad blood circulation. Most of the pain and stiffness occurs around the side of  erector muscle of spine but also buttocks and a bit away from spine.


3.Spondylosis deformans

Back pains cause by aging and distortion of tissue around spine. Its feature is the pains occur at first move like standing up, walking. After some moves, the pain will disappear or be lighter but keeping the same posture, the pains will appear or be stronger again. 

(If the pain comes from aging but if it is located around zygapophysial joints classified “zygapophysial joints back pain", and if it’s found in muscle or fascia classified “muscle/fascia back pain" )


What does pressure points work for chronic back pain?

Here’s the 4 spots for chronic back pain. The reason I introduce pressure points for organs(Kidney, Colon) , chronic back pain can be caused not only muscle/fascia but also these organs. It’s better to treat at the same time. 


■ shèn yù (肾愈) –  works for kidney diseases

The pressure points are located below,


■ qì hǎi yù (気海愈) –  applied for kidney diseases

The pressure points are located below (a bit lower than Jinyu),


■ dà cháng yù (大肠愈) -works for colon diseases

The pressure points are located below (a bit lower than Kikaiyu),


■ yāo yáng guān (腰陽關) – works for back pain

To stimulate this pressure point can improve the blood circulation of lower limbs. Improving blood circulation is necessary for recovering from chronic back pain.



All pressure points for chronic back pain

As reference, these are the all the pressure points for chronic back pain.


Our Bio-electric therapy’s「Standard course」covers all these pressure points. If there are pains on those spots, you must have back pain. And also can know from the level of pains. If the pains are too much, we can control as your request.Feel free to ask us.

Back pain causes by blood circulation problem, organs, bone structure distortion, it is not that easy and simple. It’s important to approach holistically. 

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Ref:図解 東洋医学 人体の経穴[ツボ]と経絡


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