Pressure points for stiff neck


What is stiff neck ?

Stiff neck is caused by muscles supporting head and around that are stressed. That stressed muscles bring bad blood flow and accumulate wastes in muscles, which causes lack of oxygen and nutrition for cells. If that condition lasts it causes pain. This is the mechanism of stiff-neck.


Main factors of stiff neck

1Over stressed muscle

To solve this type of factor, give pressures to specific acupuncture points. As for the maintenance better to have exercise therapy like stretching, jogging. 



If the stiff neck’s main factor is eyestrain, just having exercise therapy cannot be enough to solve the problems. Better to massage around eyes and acupuncture points. The purpose to give pressures to acupuncture points is to remove stress from muscle around eyes.

Will introduce pressure points below,


Pressure points for Stiff neck –Release stress head supporting muscles 

■ fēng chí (風池)
 ⇒Release stress from shoulder,neck and improve blood flow




■ tiān zhù (天柱)
 ⇒Release stress from shoulder and improve blood flow



Pressure points for Stiff neck – Solve eyestrain

■ tóng zĭ liáo (瞳子髎)
 ⇒Remove stress from muscles around eyes




 shàng guān (上關)
  ⇒Remove stress from eye functions related muscles




■ hé liáo (和髎)
 ⇒Improve ears functions and remove stress from facial muscles 




■ jīng míng (睛明)
 ⇒Remove eyestrain, recover eyesight




All the pressure points for stiff neck

■ Release stress from neck and shoulder muscles

■ Remove eye strain 


These pressure points are effective for stiff neck.

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Back pain causes by blood circulation problem, organs, bone structure distortion, it is not that easy and simple. It’s important to approach holistically. 

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As for reference,I uploaded pressure points on Youtube as well

Ref:図解 東洋医学 人体の経穴[ツボ]と経絡


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