Pressure points around scapulae


What type of pressure points can find on scapulae ?

Around scapulae there many kinds of muscles are connected. It has very complicating force from any direction, it can cause stiffness and pains. As for reference, here’s the muscles around scapulae.

  • Submaxillary muscle
  • Suprasacculatus
  • Subscapularis muscle
  • Shoulder musculus bone muscle
  • Wide spine Deltoid muscle
  • Small circle muscle
  • Triceps brachii (long head)
  • Biceps brachialis muscle (short head)
  • Biceps brachialis (long head)
  • Great circle muscle
  • Coracarticular muscle
  • Shoulder cap muscle
  • Pectoralis muscle
  • Rhomboidal muscle
  • Anterior saw muscle
  • Trapezius muscle
  • Rhomboid muscle

As you can see from these muscles list, scapulas are complication place.

Scapulas are related to stiff neck, stiff back, motion range of arms, let’s see what type of pressure points are there.

Pressure points around scaplas can solve these problems,

  • stiff neck
  • stiff back (including around scapulas)
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Colds
  • Mastitis

The pressure points are below,

  • nào yù(臑愈)
  • tiān zōng(天宗)
  • bǐng fēng(秉風)
  • jù gŭ(巨骨)
  • qū yuán(曲垣)
  • jiān wài yù(肩外愈)

Each pressure points detail follows.


Scapulas pressure points effect location

■ nào yù (臑愈)

Effect:Improve Stiff neck, Frozen shoulder,Cervical spondylosis




■ tiān zōng (天宗)

Effect:Improve Stiff neck, Stiff back,Frozen shoulder, Heat disease,Breast milk shortage, mastitis




bǐng fēng (秉風)

Effect:Improve Stiff neck, Frozen shoulder, Colds




■ jù gŭ (巨骨)

Effect:Improve Stiff neck, Frozen shoulder, arm numbness




■ qū yuán (曲垣)

Effect:Improve Stiff neck, Frozen shoulder,Cervical spondylosis




■ jiān wài yù (肩外愈)

Effect:Stiff neck, Stiff back, Frozen shoulder





Our standard course covers all these pressure points, it helps to improve all the symptoms above.

If it’s too painful, we can adjust to make it milder (if you can hold better to hold for better outcome) 

We focus on results do not have fixed set, can always optimize it for each person, please feel free to ask us.

As for reference, I’ll also introduce all these pressure points on youtube as well.

Ref:図解 東洋医学 人体の経穴[ツボ]と経絡


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