[Muscular dystrophy (muscular dystrophy)] Intractable disease treatment record Aim for complete cure Intervention by complex quantum medicine-1st


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We performed a surgical intervention for female muscular dystrophy. Here, we will keep a record of hypotheses, verifications, and results of future treatments.

Disclaimer: I’m confident that it will work, but I’ll keep a record to maintain fairness in the unlikely event. Please note that the result is the result for one individual and may show a certain tendency, but it is the result of intervention with N number = 1. Due to the nature of intractable diseases, personal information will not be disclosed so that personal information cannot be identified. Those who have undergone the treatment below are called “clients".

“Muscular dystrophy" pre-treatment planning

What is muscular dystrophy?

1. 1. Outline In
hereditary muscle disease whose main lesion is skeletal muscle necrosis / regeneration, more than 50 causative genes have been elucidated. The main symptoms are motor dysfunction associated with skeletal muscle disorder, but joint contraction / deformation, respiratory dysfunction, myocardial disorder, swallowing dysfunction, gastrointestinal tract symptom, bone metabolism disorder, endocrine metabolism disorder, eye symptom, hearing loss, central nervous system It is often complicated by neuropathy. That is, muscular dystrophy is a systemic disease in which multiple organs other than skeletal muscle are affected and multidisciplinary management is required. Typical disease types include dystrophin dystrophy (Duchenne / Becker muscular dystrophy), limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, facial scapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, Emery-Dreifs muscular dystrophy, oropharyngeal muscular dystrophy, Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy, There are muscle tonic dystrophy and so on.

2. 2. Cause
Mutation of genes expressed in skeletal muscle and abnormal expression regulation cause protein loss and dysfunction, resulting in disruption of normal muscle cell function and degeneration and necrosis. Although the identification of responsible genes and proteins is progressing with the progress of molecular genetics, the molecular mechanism leading to the onset of the disease has not been fully elucidated. In addition, there are many genes whose responsible genes have not been identified and whose detailed pathogenic mechanism is unknown.

3. 3. Symptoms
Hypokinesia is the main symptom, but the onset time, clinical picture, and progression rate vary depending on the disease type. Dystrophin abnormalities and limb band types develop due to gait abnormalities such as agitated gait, difficulty in climbing stairs, and gait disorders such as inversion. In the facial scapulohumeral type, it is difficult to raise the upper limbs, and myotonic dystrophy develops due to the myotonia phenomenon and weakness of grip strength. Congenital muscular dystrophy presents with floppy infants and motor development retardation from early birth, but especially in the Fukuyama type, eye complications such as intellectual developmental disorders, convulsive seizures, and retinal detachment are observed. Depending on the type of disease, symptoms such as ptosis and ocular motility disorder due to ophthalmoplegia, feeding / swallowing dysfunction due to facial and pharyngeal muscle disorders, and myalgia after exercise may occur. Myotonic dystrophy has a variety of symptoms such as gastrointestinal symptoms, insulin tolerance, cataracts, and frontal baldness.
In general, as the disease progresses, it is often accompanied by spinal deformity, posture abnormality, joint contraction and deformity due to paraspinal muscle disorders. Loss of walking function and complications of respiratory failure, cardiac conduction disorder, and heart failure due to respiratory muscle disorder and myocardial disorder have a great influence on ADL, QOL, and life prognosis.
Source: https://www.nanbyou.or.jp/entry/4523

Among the muscular dystrophy, this one

“Myotonic dystrophy"

What is myotonic dystrophy?
What kind of disease is it?
It is a disease that is positioned in muscular dystrophy, but unlike other muscular dystrophy, it is a multi-organ disease with endocrine abnormalities, cardiac conduction disorders, cataracts, etc.

What is
the cause? In the MPTK gene on chromosome 19, it is a disease that occurs when the repetition of three nucleic acids (CTG) is abnormally prolonged, but in mice that have abnormalities in this gene in animal experiments, there is only a slight abnormality. I can’t. It is said that it may be caused by causing abnormal splicing of genes around the MPTK gene.

 Since it is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder, it affects both men and women. It usually develops around the age of 30, but it can occur in childhood or shortly after birth.

 In particular, the type that develops illness immediately after birth is called the congenital type, and it is a serious type that may require the wearing of a respirator shortly after birth.

 Recently, myotonia muscular dystrophy type 2 has been attracting attention. Normal myotonic muscular dystrophy mainly invades the muscles at the tips of the limbs, whereas the second type mainly invades the muscles near the body. It is very rare in Japan. In the second type, the repetition of the four nucleic acids of CCTG, not CTG, is increasing.

Progressive weakness and myotonia. Myotonia is a condition in which muscles cannot relax on their own initiative after exercising. For example, even if you grab the handle of a hot kettle and feel it is hot, you cannot let go of it.

 In general muscular dystrophy, muscle weakness mainly affects the trunk muscles and the muscles around the shoulders and hips, whereas in this disease, the tips of the limbs are mainly affected.
Source: http://www.remudy.jp/myotonic/about_md/index.html

To summarize comprehensively, diseases with elements such as “adverse effects on muscles due to genetic problems", “genes cause errors, and the errors accumulate and progress", and “problems of the central nervous system often occur" It seems.

what to do

 ・ Correct / repair genetic information

 ・ Repair of central nervous system function

 ・ Solving local problems with symptoms

We assumed that we would set the above and actually approach with the above priority while verifying whether it is effective in each field.

First actual record for correction / repair of genetic information

Quantum medical treatment “wave measurement / adjustment with a quantum wave device" and “combination of bioelectric therapy and qigong (our original treatment) were selected as the necessary means to correct the genetic information in which an error occurred. “The we.

■ Quantum wave device (using machine: Quanta Pro )

Aimed results:

“Understanding the condition" " Correcting / repairing genetic information" " Repairing the function of the central nervous system "

As a hypothesis, it is assumed that there is a problem with the chromosome. Chromosomes in question We grasped the range of influence on the body by it, analyzed whether it contained unexpected problems, and adjusted the wave motion.

As a result, I picked up many signs other than intractable diseases (gastritis, enterocolitis related) that the client has. Another thing I would like to pay attention to was an abnormality occurring in the chromosome.

Chromosomes are the 17th and 18th problems that are currently manifested. In addition to that, it is necessary to observe No. 19 due to the characteristics of the disease, and No. 19 suggests that “the dysfunction of the central nervous system".

The muscles were not specifically measured for their individual condition, but did not tend to be particularly severe overall.

Although some problems are found in the nerves of part of the nervous system, lower back, and lower body, it seems to be damage to the nervous system that is likely to cause sciatica due to normal sitting too much, and it is necessary to isolate it as a problem separate from solving intractable diseases. I will judge the current situation. (It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not completely unrelated)

It was found as an unusual tendency actually identified by a quantum wave motion

“Chromosome 17" “Chromosome 18"

Image 1

Image 2

In fact, with regard to the risk of illness, there are many stomach upsets throughout the body.

Looking at other items, the result was that Helicobacter pylori would have a major effect on stomach upset.

<Japanese (slightly strange) with the following Google Translate>

Image 3

As mentioned above, myotonia muscular dystrophy causes abnormalities in “chromosome 19", so I thought it was necessary to pay close attention to that as well.

At present, as shown below, the dysfunction of the central nervous system can be confirmed from the 19th chromosome.

Image 4

Chromosome abnormalities are caused by “genetic diseases", “damage caused by hydroxyl radicals (the worst active oxygen) caused by excessive stress" (stress includes cell stress caused by viruses, etc.), and genetic information is obtained. Most of the time it gets hurt.

In general, problems are often found here for diseases that are difficult to cure by Western medicine (intractable diseases).

In some cases, the chromosomal abnormality itself can be removed by immediately and continuing the temporary improvement of the chromosomes by adjusting the wave motion, so we plan to continue to intervene.

The optimal number of times to remove the influence of genetic information has not yet been derived, but in general, quantum wave motions often bring about major changes in the body with about 4-10 interventions. In addition, the “difference in change" from the next time will be important for analysis, so I will actively work on it by measuring and adjusting each time.

From the next time onward, it is necessary to pay close attention to whether the genetic information is damaged again (energy is disturbed) or whether the problem tends to improve.

Also, what you should pay attention to in terms of data is the magnitude of the deviation of the numerical value called OD (Optimum Dispersion) below. (The rightmost number below, the green part, the large deviation is not good)

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Since it is extremely rare for a dissociation to occur in so many organs and locations, it is necessary to firmly confirm whether this dissociation will be reduced.

■ Bioelectric current therapy and qigong

Aimed results:

“Correction / repair of genetic information" “Repair of central nervous system function" " Solving local problems with symptoms 

Bioelectric current therapy is a procedure that removes electrons that are the source of unnecessary active oxygen in the body, and what is the qi is the potential of the client’s brain by emitting unique vibration and electrical signals from the palm with the power of intention. Communication that changes the signal emitted from the client’s brain by taking conscious and nonverbal communication, conveys problem recognition, and asks the brain to issue commands to promote healing. Actually, the content is “transmitting the waves from the hand to the surroundings of the problem area".

Reference: When qigong is exerted, the film floating on the water moves by holding your hand in an environment closed by an acrylic box that is completely unaffected by wind. The form of the Mizumi ceremony of the manga “Hunter x Hunter" (please see fast forward)

Results of surgical intervention

The following are the reactions that I was interested in due to the intervention by the treatment. In addition, due to time constraints, we did not approach all problems, and we measured whether it could act on the original problem in the first place, and whether the local approach could immediately improve the part where the symptoms were occurring. I intervened in the treatment considering the time allocation in order to do it (confirm that it seems to be effective in the first place).

Treatment time is 50 minutes

[Reaction sites / organs and their results]

* In the result, 10 is the bad condition before the intervention, and the condition where the symptoms disappear is 0.

・ Left brain stem (especially medulla oblongata)
⇒ Presumed to be derived from muscular dystrophy
⇒ [Result] It takes about 5-8 minutes to pull out from the deep part and the reaction disappears. The origin of the disease. From the hearing the next day, it was said that the situation was as follows.

・ Amount of sputum: 10⇒3
・ Improvement of difficulty in swallowing: 10⇒5
・ Stiffness of tongue: 10⇒10
・ Easy to get tired: 10⇒2 ~ 4 (2 on the day, 4 on the next day)
・ Muscle spasms (stickiness) : 10⇒8-9?

・ Neck (reaction from both nervous system and muscle)
⇒Muscular dystrophy and cervical origin
⇒ [Result] It takes less than 5 minutes for the reaction to disappear.

・ Neck stiffness: 10⇒6

・ Space inside the left scapula (not muscle)
⇒ Disturbance of electromagnetic and frequency energy from the outside
⇒ [Result] It takes about 3 minutes for the reaction to disappear. The state remains 〇.

・ No return. The complexion has improved.

・ The nerve between the triceps and latissimus dorsi muscles of the upper right arm
⇒ Presumed to be derived from muscular dystrophy
⇒ [Result] It takes about 4 minutes to remove. Improvement of night pain

・Negative pain: 10⇒0~1

・ Easy access to nerves at the boundary between the deltoid muscle and the triceps brachii
⇒ Presumed to be derived from muscular dystrophy
⇒ [Result] It takes about 4 minutes to remove. Improvement of night pain

・Negative pain: 10⇒0~1

・ Nerve around the elbow
⇒ Presumed to be derived from muscular dystrophy
⇒ 1 place 2 minutes about 3 places. Myotonia has improved

・ Myotonia Symptoms: 10⇒6

・ Muscles and nerves that move the fingers (especially on the little finger side)
⇒ Presumed to be derived from muscular dystrophy ⇒ About
3 places for 2 minutes at 1 place. Myotonia has improved

・ Myotonia Symptoms: 10⇒6

■ Intervention by hydrogen inhalation

Performed for suction while using a quantum wave motion device. For hydrogen, use equipment of 300 ml / min or more, which is also used in medical clinical trials (equipment used: H2 Cube with O2 )

Central nervous system disease Since Parkinson’s disease has been improved, hydrogen inhalation was performed to promote repair of the central nervous system.

As a purpose

 ・ Correct / repair genetic information

 ・ Repair of central nervous system function

 ・ Solving local problems with symptoms

“Of the function repair of the central nervous used for."

Consideration from the result

It is speculated that the cause of many problems (convulsions, tongue discomfort, swallowing function including sputum, etc.) comes from the brain stem, especially the left medulla oblongata.

On the other hand, regarding pathological conditions such as myotonia and myalgia, I thought that it was necessary not only to improve brain stem function and correct genetic information, but also to solve individual and local problems.

From the tendency of treatment so far

 ・ Correct / repair genetic information

Genetic information is a little hard to read. Impression that even if the existing cells are improved and their functions are restored, the symptoms may return unless the genetic information of the regenerated cells is rewritten.

Although the number of times cannot be determined at this stage, it shows signs in 3-4 times, and it is expected that it can be judged in about 1 month (2 months for bones) for normal muscle cells whether it can affect genetic information (foundation: human body). Cell renewal rate Muscle: Fast cells are all replaced in about 60% in 1 month, slow cells are all replaced in about 200 days. Skin: All are replaced in about 1 month. Blood: 4.5 to 5.0 liters of blood are all replaced in 100 to 120 days. For.)

By continuously using a quantum wave motion device and treatment (bioelectric current therapy + qigong), we will work on improvement while measuring the effect.

 ・ Repair of central nervous system function

For central nervous system problems, the treatments “bioelectric therapy + qigong" and “hydrogen inhalation" can contribute most to the brain stem, and if possible, vitamin B12 (of methylcobalamin not sold in Japan) is also used. Is desirable.

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Central nervous system function repair is expected to be effective in the short term, 3-4 times for 2 weeks at the shortest

 ・ Solving local problems with symptoms

Since it depends on the presence or absence of the influence of the central nervous system, it is speculated that improving the above genetic information in parallel can contribute to not only temporary improvement but also fundamental improvement.

The most effective contribution is “bioelectric current therapy + qigong".

Already at this stage, it is expected that it will be effective to at least stop the progression by continuing the treatment once a week and to make daily life easier (effect / degree of influence similar to that of terminal cancer patients).


Although it is said that modern medicine will not cure it, we were able to make a visible change with just one offer, so we are looking forward to it as there is a good chance that it will improve.

The second is scheduled for the 7th day of intervention.

Since the mine that I wrote down so as not to forget this time is released at a certain stage, there may be a feeling of strangeness in the consistency of logic (because I also added it) where the Japanese in the article is strange.

If you read more than you expected when you had time, I think I will make some corrections.