[Muscular dystrophy (muscular dystrophy)] Intractable disease treatment record Aim for complete cure Intervention by combined quantum medicine-2nd


note: this English version is simply applied Google translate.(To save time) You’ll find some wrong translation in this article. 

This is the second record of intervention for “muscular dystrophy (muscular tonic dystrophy)" who came the other day.

This time it was provided on the 7th day since the last intervention.

See below for the first time.

Disclaimer: I’m confident that it will work, but I’ll keep a record to maintain fairness in the unlikely event. Please note that the result is the result for one individual and may show a certain tendency, but it is the result of intervention with N number = 1. Due to the nature of intractable diseases, personal information will not be disclosed so that personal information cannot be identified. Those who have undergone the treatment below are called “clients".

As I wrote in the first time, what to do and what to aim for in this intervention can be summarized in the following three.

what to do

 ・ Correct / repair genetic information

 ・ Repair of central nervous system function

 ・ Solving local problems with symptoms

In addition, we will continue to do the following three things to achieve the above objectives.

Means to achieve the purpose

 ・ Quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

 ・ Hydrogen gas inhalation

 ・ Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

Results of quantum wave motion (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

From the previous measurement, improvement was seen in the part measured last time, and problems were confirmed in some nervous systems that could not be seen last time.

Quantum wave motion device obtains information to grasp the current state concretely and to refer to whether it is improving or not by “wave measurement". (Fixed point observation)

On the other hand, the “wave adjustment" of the quantum wave instrument is performed for the purpose of curing the error of the genetic information by flowing the wave of the opposite phase to the disturbance of the wave of the genetic information, which cannot be operated by the usual treatment (non-invasive). Active intervention)

■ Chromosomes

Chromosomes are better than last time because red ▼ and brown ◆ are gone

State of chromosome (this time)

Image 1

State of chromosome (previous)

Image 2

■ Nervous system problems-Points to worry about when not measured last time

Nerve fascicle (GOOGLE translated strange Japanese)

Image 3

Neuron (GOOGLE translated strange Japanese)

Image 4

Both suggest problems with neurotransmission in the central nervous system.

Nerve fascicle cross section

Image 5

Pyramid-shaped neurons

Image 6

Cranial nerves

Image 7

Nerves and blood vessels at the base of the arm (right)

I’m worried about waveform distortion

Image 8

Nerves and blood vessels at the base of the arm (left)

I’m worried about waveform distortion

Image 9

■ Deviation of OD value that I was interested in last time

This time, the deviation of the OD value (it is not good that there is a lot of green in the rightmost item) has improved from the previous time.

This number may also be associated with symptom improvement and may need to be continually monitored.

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Regarding the intervention with the quantum wave motion, we will observe how these states change from the next time onward.

Result of hydrogen gas inhalation

There is no effect measurement method for this item, so no results can be published.

Adopted because it is effective for nervous system diseases “Parkinson’s disease" and “mild Alzheimer’s disease"

Results of bioelectric current therapy and qigong

As a result of bioelectric current therapy, there are two major problems.

■ Central nervous system problems

■ Muscle genetic problems

It turns out that it may be possible to separate these two.

Reference: A memo of the content of the report from the client after the previous treatment

Central nervous system-derived problem improvement status

・ Amount of sputum: 10⇒3
・ Improvement of difficulty in swallowing: 10⇒5
・ Stiffness of tongue: 10⇒10
・ Easy to get tired: 10⇒2 ~ 4 (2 on the day, 4 on the next day)
・ Muscle spasms (stickiness) : 10⇒8-9?

Muscle-derived problem improvement status

・ Neck stiffness: 10⇒6
・ Myalgia: 10⇒0 ~ 1
・ Myotonia Symptoms: 10⇒6

Among the above muscular conditions, neck stiffness seems to have a large daily life factor, so this time we will omit it in the effect measurement.

■ Consideration on problems of the central nervous system

There was a clear division between areas that could be improved and symptoms that were not improved after the previous operation, and there was a return although the return was within the expected range.

⇒There were some parts of the central nervous system that could not be approached at the points necessary for improvement, and there were some leftovers even where they were accessible.

Based on the above results from the previous time, this time

Since there should be a problem with the central nervous system in a wider range, the treatment was performed because it was necessary to access and remove the problem in a wide range and deeper in total.

Among them, the most responsive reactions were in the following order.

1. 1. Left medulla oblongata

2. Right bridge (today) or midbrain

3. 3. Right medulla oblongata

Four. Left bridge (today) or midbrain

Responses were seen in that order (may also come from the cerebellum). 2.4. As for the basics, the treatment was mainly aimed at the bridge, and it is not clear to the touch whether it can reach the midbrain.

As a qigong biological reaction, when performing left medulla oblongata, a strong vibration to the heart also reacts strongly to the provider side of the treatment, and for the right bridge, the stronger the vibration to the left elbow, the more the biological reaction occurs. It was.

It may make sense to pay attention to the strength of this reaction from the next time onwards, so record it as a reminder.

Reference: Position of each part

Image 13

Image 14

Image 15

We do not currently receive feedback on the results of this intervention, so we will make a decision after the third intervention.

■ Muscle-derived problem improvement status

Muscle pain

As a result of the previous intervention, myalgia was once reduced from the state where the pain was so painful that I could not sleep last time, and some pain was revived, but it is in a state at all than when I came last time. From the place where it was said that it was good, it was temporarily placed numerically,

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after intervention 0-1 ⇒ 1 week later 3-4

In the case of this symptom, it is estimated that it usually settles down to 0-2 with 4 treatment interventions and almost disappears after repeating a constant 0-1 several times (7 times in total as a guide).

Myotonia symptoms

Myotonia is a condition in which muscles cannot relax on their own initiative after exercising. For example, even if you grab the handle of a hot kettle and feel it is hot, you cannot let go of it.

Last time, I went to the right hand, which has the worst symptoms due to time constraints.

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after intervention 4 ⇒ 1 week later 6

It seems that it was a symptom of temporary placement.

In this case, it was suggested that all the problem areas could not be approached. Last time, I couldn’t see all the muscles that would have a small effect only by performing the forearm mainly on the nervous system.

Before the second treatment, there was a certain effect on the right hand, so the left side was more pronounced as a symptom.

Even after the second intervention, the right hand had two interventions and the left had the first intervention, so the result after the second intervention was that the right hand clearly improved myotonia symptoms.

Due to the difference in the number of interventions, the reaction from the living body was stronger in the left hand, and the client also felt pain.

This time, I was able to grasp the range of influence of the state where muscles cannot relax, and made some improvements in that range.

At the beginning of the second intervention, it was expected that the influence of the central nervous system would be strong, and the area along the neural pathway and the function repair of the muscles of the forearm were mainly performed.

After that, the effect of the symptoms was measured and the effect on the function was only about half, so it became clear that it was necessary to remove the muscles of the palm, the muscles of each finger, and the tendon sheath.

In the second intervention, the electrical biological reaction that had to be removed for the muscles that move each finger was about half, and the effect was only about half as a symptom. (Due to time constraints)

◇ Second result comparison video of myotonia symptom treatment intervention [BEFORE]

◇ Second result comparison video of myotonia symptom treatment intervention [AFTER]

Looking at the video, it seems that there is only a slight improvement, but the client’s experience has changed significantly more than the video.

In addition, due to the influence of the air conditioner working in the movie shooting environment, the symptoms were stronger and it seemed to be in this state.

Consideration from the result ・ Plan after the 3rd time

・ Intervention by quantum wave motion

As a result, the error of the genetic information of the “chromosome" tends to improve the energy state of the wave by adjusting the wave, and the improvement of the “nervous system" and the improvement of the “OD value" require continuous improvement.

From the third time onward:
If it is assumed that the chromosomal problem has been improved, from the next time onward, it may be possible to act for a more fundamental solution by performing wave measurement and wave adjustment for individual DNA sequences, so measurement and improvement. It is necessary to identify the necessary items for

・ Hydrogen gas inhalation

Continuous intervention is required assuming that it contributes to the repair of the nervous system by supplying blood flow necessary for nerve repair, removing active oxygen and removing cell stress. Ideally, you should be able to inhale daily, but if you use it once a week for about 2 months (8 times), you can expect to improve your health, so continue to use it. In order to support hydrogen gas inhalation, vitamin B12, especially methylcobalamin, which is usually classified as a drug in Japan and cannot be purchased at drug stores, will promote nerve repair. (Both hydrogen gas inhalation and vitamin B12 can improve skin condition)

Third and subsequent:
Scheduled similar interventions on an ongoing basis

・ Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong

It is expected that the reaction of the central nervous system can be confirmed more clearly than the deep part, and that the deep part (around the bridge of the brain stem) will also improve, and the more detailed central nervous system-derived symptoms will improve.

The reaction time of the left medulla oblongata is also getting shorter.

As for the muscular system, the intervention did not completely return and improved each time.

From the 3rd time onward:
Observe that the reaction time is continuously shortened while verifying whether there is any omission in the central nervous system, whether there is any omission from the deep part, whether there is any omission in the symptom state, and how the symptom is improved. Needed. If there are no leftovers, a clear change is shown after the 4th treatment, and it is estimated that the symptoms are almost suppressed by 7-11 times.

Myotonia symptoms have improved by finely treating each finger in the future, as the muscle condition does not return to the point where it improved (it cannot keep up with the progress of the symptoms) and shows a steady recovery trend every time. I guess it will be done. If you mention only the part that could be treated, it is expected that the improvement will be faster than the nervous system from the condition of return, but since there are many parts that need to be dealt with, the total number of treatments required may exceed the nerve. .. Regarding chronic fatigue of the whole body, which has not been dealt with so far, it is expected that more clear functional improvement can be achieved by acting on the muscles of the trunk and lower body.


The progress is going well, so I think we can continue to make good reports. As of today, I am convinced that it is not difficult to control the progression of symptoms.

I believe more than anyone else that it will not be difficult to completely cure if you take the time to deal with it.

Introduction of used equipment and recommended supplements


Quantum wave motion device " Quanta Pro " used

Hydrogen generator used " H2 Cube with O2 "

Nerve repair supplement
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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a treatment.

Contact: info@cell-healing.com



Grip strength change

According to a comment from the client, it was 16.5 kg at the time of the examination two months before the intervention, but it improved to 23.3 kg after the procedure.

Image 16

Myotonia symptoms

“Toes" have myotonia symptoms like “fingers", but the myotonia symptoms of “toes" that are not touched during the procedure for 4-5 hours after the procedure are alleviated.

Easy to get tired

Probably the trunk and legs, which have a major effect other than the central nervous system, have not been intervened, but after 3 or 2 days after the procedure, it improved to about 6 (0 is zero symptoms, 10 is before the procedure) (maintaining a certain effect).

Difficult to swallow

Maintain 5 before the procedure, 5 after the procedure, and 5 after 2 days


10 before the procedure, 2 or 2 days after the procedure 7

Since the return is the largest and there are insufficient improvements in swallowing, it is suggested that an approach may be necessary not only for the brain stem but also for the hypoglossal nerve and carotid artery that control swallowing function.

Lower body muscle spasms

It is said that the frequency of muscle spasms is increasing, 10 before the procedure, 5 immediately after the procedure, and 12 after 2 days.

These spasms are caused by activity in several areas of the brain, such as the basal ganglia, thalamus, cerebellum, and cerebral cortex, although the response may be temporary because it is more specific than others, or factors outside the procedure. It may have been caused by an excess, and whether it was thyroid-related or not, it suggested the need for intensive brain-related and cervical intervention.