[Muscular dystrophy (muscular dystrophy)] Intractable disease treatment record Aim for complete cure Intervention by complex quantum medicine-3rd


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This is the third record of intervention for “muscular dystrophy (muscular tonic dystrophy)" who came the other day.

This time it was provided on the 4th day from the previous intervention.

See below for the first record.

See below for the second record.

Disclaimer: I’m confident that it will work, but I’ll keep a record to maintain fairness in the unlikely event. Please note that the result is the result for one individual and may show a certain tendency, but it is the result of intervention with N number = 1. Due to the nature of intractable diseases, personal information will not be disclosed so that personal information cannot be identified. Those who have undergone the treatment below are called “clients".

I wrote it consistently from the first time, but what I do and aim for in this intervention can be summarized in the following three.

what to do

 ・ Correct / repair genetic information

 ・ Repair of central nervous system function

 ・ Solving local problems with symptoms

In addition, we will continue to do the following three things to achieve the above objectives.

Means to achieve the purpose

 ・ Quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

 ・ Hydrogen gas inhalation

 ・ Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

Summary of results after the third intervention

Usually, after three interventions, it is often possible to judge the signs that “can this procedure continue to contribute to healing in the first place?"

Therefore, I am telling many people with intractable diseases that I definitely want them to take it three times.

From the conclusion

The effect on muscular dystrophy ( muscular dystrophy) was observed in the relevant client, and there is a good possibility that the symptoms will be completely suppressed by continuing.

I think you can judge.

The best possible range: A
condition in which the symptoms disappear completely and can be called a complete cure without going through.

imaginable range: Self-care alone maintains improvement (may require monthly maintenance)

Low imaginable range:
Stop progressing symptoms by continuing to attend (about 2-4 months)

Of course, there is a possibility that your physical condition will change suddenly due to an intractable disease, so no one knows if it will be 100% within the above range.

However, I think that there is a possibility that modern medical care is no longer just waiting for progress, which will never be cured, and I think that clients undergoing treatment are feeling the same possibility. I will.

(Supplement) Grounds for judging in 3-4 times

As a judgment material, 3-4 treatments are performed within 3-7 days as a guide.

If the effect is weak, the signs are:

・ I couldn’t find a point that caused a symptom even if I provided the treatment, and a reaction that should be improved even after 3-4 times.

・ No improvement is seen immediately after the procedure

・ After each treatment, the symptoms completely returned and no improvement was seen at the next visit.

If one or more of these apply

・ Even if it can be improved, it will be difficult to cure completely and it will take time.

・ Even if it can be improved, it may be temporary.

・ It is unlikely that it can be improved in the first place

We will tell you about that when the third time is over.

Since the practitioner’s skill and knowledge are constantly growing, there are cases where the effect can be obtained six months ago or one year later, but even at that point, the correctness of the judgment in three times is basically the treatment. It hasn’t changed since it started.

This time as well, I will write the following intervention results individually below.

 ・ Quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

 ・ Hydrogen gas inhalation

 ・ Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

Intervention result by quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

□ Wave measurement

This time as well, I checked whether there were any abnormalities in the chromosomes, and also examined DNA and RNA, mitochondria, muscle cells (Myocytes), muscle cells (Muscle Cells), nerve cells (Neurocytes), etc., but the biggest problem was Could not confirm.

Image 1

Image 4

Image 2

Image 3

Image 5

Regarding the chromosome, although the state of the 19th chromosome was farther in red and blue waveforms than the other chromosomes (bad state), there was no suggestion that it was a fatal problem.

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

□ Wave adjustment

For genetic information, muscle / nervous system, nerve cells, and other parts that are likely to be related to muscular dystrophy, intervention was performed by adjusting the wave motion.

Hydrogen gas inhalation

Used for the purpose of repairing the central nervous system and removing active oxygen that damages the genetic information of cells.

This time, hydrogen gas inhalation was performed in parallel with the treatment. This time, a total of 70 minutes of hydrogen inhalation was performed.

Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

In the third treatment, as a point to see from the feedback received from the previous result,

・ Changes in reaction time of the central nervous system (mainly the brain stem) (existing)

・ Search for areas that affect other areas such as the cerebellum and cerebrum (new)

・ Nerve groups around the throat and muscles that move the tongue (new)

・ Around the site of frequent seizures in the lower limbs (new)

・ Myotonia-related muscles of fingers (existing)

Was grasped as an issue.


・ Changes in reaction time of the central nervous system (mainly the brain stem) (existing)
・ Search for areas that affect other areas such as the cerebellum and cerebrum (new)

The purpose of this study was to solve problems related to the central nervous system (convulsions, tiredness, sputum, difficulty in moving the first step of the foot, etc.).

I spent a lot of time on my head. The reaction time around the left medulla oblongata did not change, and it was about 8 minutes. (Ideal is shortened every time and finally disappears)

If the time does not change, it suggests that the reaction of the left medulla oblongata may not be limited to the left medulla oblongata, so as planned, it became necessary to expand the treatment range, so it also extended to the cerebellum and cerebrum. Increased access sites.

A large amount of reactions were confirmed in a wide range, especially from the deep part on the left side such as the cerebrum and cerebellum. The removal took about 30 minutes in total.

On the right side, the medulla oblongata responded for about 4 minutes, and the cerebellum and cerebrum did not respond so much, so we did not spend much time on this intervention / detection.

・ Around the site of frequent seizures in the lower limbs (new)

Conducted for the purpose of measuring the degree of influence on the decrease in the frequency of lower limb spasms.

The lower limbs were said to have had frequent spasms, especially in the calf, and the surgical intervention was performed on the back of the knee and the upper part of the calf under the back of the knee, which showed signs of reaction. The purpose was to eliminate 80% of the reactions on both sides in about 8 minutes and measure the effect to see if there was any change. (Because we could not secure the treatment time for the purpose of complete solution this time)

In particular, the left side, which was supposed to cause symptoms, appeared in a wide range and with a large amount of reaction.

・ Nerve groups around the throat and muscles that move the tongue (new)

Implemented for the purpose of improving difficulty in swallowing and reducing the frequency of sputum.

A fairly violent reaction was seen from the right throat. Probably a violent reaction to thyroid problems.

Regarding the muscles and nerves that move the tongue, the right side and the left side were slightly more responsive, but I thought that both were about the same. A reaction similar to that of normal neck stiffness was also observed in the areas where the blood flow in the carotid artery was improved and the muscles and nerves supporting the neck were gathered.

Used time is about 6-8 minutes

・ Myotonia-related muscles of fingers (existing)

For the purpose of improving finger myotonia, we will confirm whether it is possible to maintain greater changes and symptom improvement by intervening not only the large muscles and nerves that are important in the conventional gripping movement, but also the fine finger muscles and tendon sheath. The treatment was performed for this purpose.

Due to time constraints, the procedure was performed for about 15 minutes only for the purpose of improving the movement of the “left" fingers, which are more symptomatic at the end of the second treatment.

It took a long time because there are many independent muscles and tendon sheaths of each finger, which has a large surface area and is fine.

As a result, there was a very strong reaction on the tendon sheath of the finger, and there was also a good reaction on the base of the finger and the part that hits the pad of the finger.

Below is a video after the reaction has been removed to a certain extent. For comparison, it is displayed side by side with the second treatment.

5 seconds after the second treatment (two-handed treatment)

8 seconds after the 3rd treatment (only the left treatment where the symptoms were strong)

Feedback from clients after the treatment is provided

Feedback from the client the day after receiving the treatment

As a summary, it seems that there is a real feeling of the effect that has been improved the most so far.

Added because I received a comment on the state after 4 days.

・ Myotonia of the hand (state of the left hand)

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after 4 ⇒ Next day 6 ⇒ 4 days later 6

Myotonia of the ring finger appears strongly in the finger, but it is better than before

I put a lot of effort into opening my hands, and the pain that occurred at that time was alleviated.

・ Easy to get tired

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after 3 ⇒ Next day 3

・ Myotonia-like condition of the jaw

A state that does not move when clenched

Before treatment 10 → Immediately after 2 → Next day 3-4

・ A lot of sputum

Before the procedure 10 → Immediately after 0 → Next day 4

At the end of the second time, it returned to 7 after a few days the next day, so it seems that it changed due to the expansion of the brain treatment range and the treatment of the nerves and muscles of the throat.

The properties of sputum change from smooth to viscous. The last condition of the symptom of sputum production if you have a common cold

・ Difficult to swallow

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after 1 ⇒ Next day 3 ⇒ 4 days later 4-5?

I thought that the amount of sputum and the difficulty of swallowing could be improved by implementing the throat, but it seems that it has been improved as expected.

・ Lower limb (calf) muscle spasms

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after 0 ⇒ Next day 1-2 ⇒ 4 days later 1

Before the treatment, it was about 1.2 times an hour, about 1 second, especially the lower left body was tingling. Especially the calf. It seems that the symptoms had completely disappeared on the day of the procedure.

After 4 days, it may be due to the effect of mecobalamin (vitamin B12) that I was taking together, and it sticks once every 4-5 hours.

・ Difficulty in taking the first step at the beginning of walking

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after 1 ⇒ Next day 2

・ Knee pain

Before treatment 10 ⇒ Immediately after 0 ⇒ Next day 1


With three interventions, we were able to see the path to what to do, and the results showed that it is possible to eliminate the symptoms to a certain level by continuously hitting the relevant part thoroughly.

By having them come three times, which is a break, and sharing their impressions, we are now able to disseminate information about our hospital’s treatments, which are effective for many intractable diseases.

If you continue to receive it, we will continue to disseminate information and make every effort to report that you have “graduated" or “just came with stiff shoulders" as a result. ..

□ Information

Equipment used


Quantum wave motion device " Quanta Pro " used

Hydrogen generator used " H2 Cube with O2 "


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a treatment.

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