[Muscular dystrophy (muscular dystrophy)] Intractable disease treatment record Aim for complete cure Intervention by complex quantum medicine-4th


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This is the third record of intervention for “muscular dystrophy (muscular tonic dystrophy)" who came the other day.

This time, it was provided one week after the previous third intervention.

See below for the first record.

See below for the second record.

See below for the third record.

Disclaimer: I’m confident that it will work, but I’ll keep a record to maintain fairness in the unlikely event. Please note that the result is the result for one individual and may show a certain tendency, but it is the result of intervention with N number = 1. Due to the nature of intractable diseases, personal information will not be disclosed so that personal information cannot be identified. Those who have undergone the treatment below are called “clients".

As I wrote from the first time, what I do and what I aim for in this intervention can be summarized into the following three.

what to do

 ・ Correct / repair genetic information

 ・ Repair of central nervous system function

 ・ Solving local problems with symptoms

What I thought after this intervention might be that the first and third things I had been thinking about are classified in the same place and can be summarized into the following two.

[New] What to do

・ Repair of central nervous system function ・ Correction of genetic information

・ Repair of the function of muscle genetic information ・ Correction of genetic information

The reason seems to be that the problems are scattered locally, but basically many of them are derived from the central nervous system, and intervene in the origin of the central nervous system and where it branches. This is because the scattered areas are likely to improve with a single intervention and intake of mecobalamin (vitamin B12).

Even if the objectives are aggregated, there are still three things to do to achieve the above objectives.

Means to achieve the purpose

 ・ Quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

 ・ Hydrogen gas inhalation

 ・ Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

This time as well, I would like to describe the results of each item as it is the result after the fourth intervention.

Intervention results and consideration by quantum wave motion

This time, with the aim of looking at the genetic information in more detail, we thoroughly analyzed the sequences of many DNAs.

The reasons are “recovery tendency" due to the intervention and “it has improved, but certain symptoms have returned and there are variations in the degree of return."

It seems that the central nervous system may be affected by errors in genetic information not only in the part such as the medulla oblongata that is the origin, but also in the part that gives specific instructions individually or passes through. Because I felt it, I thought that identifying the genetic information with errors and thoroughly improving them would be useful for visualization of symptom changes and analysis of numerical improvement trends in the process of symptom improvement.

Actually, among the gene information DNA sequences, “about 20% of each gene sequence has a bad energy state" and “results of wave measurement other than DNA" are archived below.

In conclusion, I could not find a clear point, but it is not certain that there is a possibility of the disease repeatedly in a specific DNA, but it is a designated intractable disease called Sheehan’s syndrome, thyroid function. I was worried that something related to (diffuse thyroid gland, diffuse thyroid tumor ⇒ probably adenomatous goiter or nodular goiter) had risen. There were problems such as difficulty in swallowing, sputum, and myotonia of the chin around the throat, which may suggest that it may affect the function of the thyroid gland at the same time, so it is necessary to pay close attention to the treatment in the future. Showed the possibility of being. (Since this result analysis was after the 4th treatment intervention, the treatment that actually improves will be provided after the 5th treatment)

Reference: Sheehan’s Syndrome
Sheehan’s Syndrome (or postpartum hypopituitarism) is a disease characterized by hypopituitarism due to necrosis of the pituitary gland. This initial injury is caused by heavy postpartum bleeding (PPH), which disrupts the blood supply to the pituitary gland, which increases during pregnancy.

Reference: Diffuse thyroid
gland The thyroid gland is simply swollen. There are no tumors or inflammation, and there are no abnormalities in the functioning of the thyroid gland. It is often seen during puberty (growth period). However, thyroid function may become abnormal in the future and should be examined regularly and followed up.

Reference: Adenomatous goiter
Adenomatous goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland with multiple masses like adenomas (benign tumors of the thyroid gland), not a tumor in the strict sense, but a hyperplasia of the thyroid gland. Diagnosis is made by a supersonic tomography device or fine needle aspiration cytology, and if there is no concern about malignancy, the size is checked regularly. Surgery is recommended if you have cancer.

Nodular thyroid tumor: Malignant ones are called thyroid cancer. Symptoms usually have few symptoms other than lumps (nodules). In rare cases, symptoms such as discomfort, dyspnea, hoarseness (faint voice), difficulty in swallowing, aspiration (sorry), oppressive feeling, pain, and bloody sputum may occur. There is.

Also, in the treatment (bioelectric current therapy + qigong), the importance and urgency of the quantum wave motion device are a little worrisome, so I would like to record it as a point that needs to be watched in the future. I think.

From the next time onward, we will intervene more intensively in the areas of “chromosome 19 and general chromosomes" and “RNA structure", “muscle cells", “individual muscles", and “central nervous system" that are known in terms of pathology. I thought it should be a policy of making adjustments.

Results and discussion of hydrogen inhaler intervention

Since it is said to be effective for diseases of the central nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease and mild Alzheimer’s disease, hydrogen inhalation is performed every time to eliminate cell fatigue in order to accelerate the repair speed of the nervous system. Hydrogen that reacts only with hydroxyl radicals and has specific properties of water-soluble and fat-soluble not only enhances the effect of the treatment, but also continuously inhales with the expectation of repairing slightly missing parts. I have you. This time, 50 minutes of inhalation was performed.

It seemed that the effects of the symptoms caused by the central nervous system were gradually appearing, probably because the intake of mecobalamin (vitamin B12) was also effective.

Hydrogen will continue to be inhaled.

Results and consideration of bioelectric current therapy + qigong (original treatment)

As a comprehensive result, the “symptoms that are manifested" and “reduction in reaction time" by the treatment are clearly better than those before the intervention. Better changes will be visible as we continue.

The most important thing is

“The symptoms have completely disappeared, and there is no onset of symptoms without intervention again."

Will it be

“Interventions can provide temporary improvement, and regular interventions stop the progression of symptoms."

I think it was narrowed down to the two.

The ultimate goal is not only to temporarily recover the function, but also to completely correct the error of the genetic information, so it is a big effect measurement point in the future to measure the effect of whether it is made by the intervention. It seems that it will become.

Treatment intervention results by location

□ Central nervous system organs

Until now, the reaction time for the “left brain" and “medulla oblongata" was about 8-13 minutes at one location, but it took about 6 minutes for the “left brain" reaction to disappear (the number of interventions is from the medulla oblongata). (Because it is small) In the “medulla oblongata", it took 3-4 minutes for the reaction to disappear.

On a scale of cancer treatment experience, this shows a tendency similar to the change in those who were cured in stage I, and the reaction almost disappeared in about 1-4 times, which is close to the state where cancer disappears. It shows a pretty good trend in condition.

Reactively, it is speculated that symptoms such as central nervous system problems such as “difficulty taking the first step" and “leg cramps" will disappear when they disappear.

□ Throat (nervous system + thyroid + muscles such as tongue)

No intervention during the 4th treatment due to time constraints.

Since we recognized that the importance and urgency are high in the post-treatment hearing, it is necessary to perform the treatment firmly from the next time.

Actually, if it is left for 2 weeks, there is a certain amount of return, but it has not completely returned.

□ Whole leg

Leg problems are the main symptom

・ Calf spasm (involuntary movement of muscles)

・ Knee pain

・ Thigh (thigh) cramps

・ Myotonia symptoms of toes

Is the main problem, and it seems that the symptoms have calmed down considerably due to the intervention.

This time, if there is not much symptomatic return, it is predicted that this intervention will converge especially on calf spasms (involuntary movements of muscles).

If a return is seen after being left unattended, it means that it is necessary to intervene again after the central nervous system has improved (the reaction has disappeared).

As a record of the site where the reaction occurred

・ Inside the right knee

・ Reaction of the nervous system outside the knee

・ Muscles that move the toes on the soles of the feet

□ Hand myotonia

Intervene in both hands this time.

Mainly performed analysis of muscle contribution and local improvement intervention where myotonia appears.

Verification of the contribution of the back side of the hand is not done

Due to time constraints, I had to finish halfway through the reaction.

Due to the tension in the hills of the little finger of the palm, when the hand was opened, the part that was pulled to rotate inward was improved by the treatment of the relevant part.

This time, it is necessary to look at where and how much influence it has, and how it acts and changes as a result.

Since it has been medically elucidated that this symptom is an error in a muscle gene, the purpose is to completely correct the genetic information rather than to recover the function.

Below, so that you can see the transition of changes, the videos before the second intervention (the state where the right side is slightly improved by only one intervention) and after this intervention (both hands a little, the intervention time is insufficient) are arranged side by side so that they can be compared. placed.

□ [Video] 2nd Before (6 seconds)

□ [Video] 4th After (6 seconds)

In addition, the symptom itself is not all the state at the time of this video, and even if you hold it firmly, the effect of room temperature and the pain when opening, etc. There is an improvement trend from the viewpoint of maintenance.


As the intervention progressed, the problems were summarized into the following two. Initially, the problems of the central nervous system were caused by the influence of mere muscle genes, and the treatment was performed with the recognition that the problem was occurring, and the time was shortened. What I thought I should do suggests that there may be a genetic error, and in the future it is necessary to make improvements to correct the genetic error. It suggested that there was.

[New] What to do

・ Repair of central nervous system function ・ Correction of genetic information

・ Repair of the function of muscle genetic information ・ Correction of genetic information

To summarize the important treatment points again as points that should be intervened after consulting with the client

Quantum wave motion:

・ “Chromosome 19 and general chromosomes"

・ “Structure of RNA"

・ “Muscle cells"

・ “Individual muscles"

·"central nervous system"

Treatment (bioelectric current therapy + qigong):

As a place

・ Head, especially on the left side (central nervous system)

⇒ Expected results: Improvement of convulsions, sputum, difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in getting out of the first step

・ Whole neck (central nervous system and thyroid gland, neck muscles and nerves and tongue, etc.)

⇒ Expected results: Improvement of convulsions, sputum, difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in getting out of the first step

・ Concentrate on one hand
⇒ Expected result: Completely erase myotonia that had symptoms from the beginning (squeeze to one side and check which muscle contributes to the symptoms and how long it can be erased. As soon as confirmation is obtained Do a deep moat to develop with the other hand and foot)

Currently, there are time constraints, and there are some parts that are halfway, so we will select and concentrate.

When improvement is seen by the treatment and the treatment time of each part is shortened, other parts related to convulsions (local improvement), knee pain, myotonia symptoms, etc. will be covered.

□ Information

Equipment used


Quantum wave motion device " Quanta Pro " used

Hydrogen generator used " H2 Cube with O2 "


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