[Muscular dystrophy (muscular dystrophy)] Intractable disease treatment record Aim for complete cure Intervention by combined quantum medicine-8th


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This is the 8th record of intervention for “muscular dystrophy (muscular tonic dystrophy)" who came the other day.

This time, it was provided 7 days after the previous 7th intervention.

Past records (1st to 7th) are listed at the end.

Disclaimer: I’m confident that it will work, but I’ll keep a record to maintain fairness in the unlikely event. Please note that the result is the result for one individual and may show a certain tendency, but it is the result of intervention with N number = 1. Due to the nature of intractable diseases, personal information will not be disclosed so that personal information cannot be identified. Those who have undergone the treatment below are called “clients".

what to do:

・ Repair of central nervous system function ・ Correction of genetic information

・ Repair of the function of muscle genetic information ・ Correction of genetic information

The three ways to achieve the above objectives remain unchanged:

Means to achieve the purpose:

 ・ Quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

 ・ Hydrogen gas inhalation

 ・ Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

Summary of this result

The following two things should be done

・ Repair of central nervous system function ・ Correction of genetic information

・ Repair of the function of muscle genetic information ・ Correction of genetic information

Regarding “repair of central nervous system function / correction of genetic information" , the intervention time was only about 3-5 minutes this time, so although it has not been confirmed that the improvement has been completed, it is compared with the initial stage. The problem is almost gone

“Repair of function of genetic information of muscle / correction of genetic information" This time, we will focus on “around the throat".

・ Improvement of sputum

・ Improvement of swallowing function (easy to swallow)

・ Improvement of myotonia symptoms when chewed

・ Improvement of myotonia symptoms of tongue muscle

I took some time for the purpose. The reaction to the throat continued for more than 30 minutes, suggesting the magnitude of the symptom level and the depth of the problem. This is expected to be a big improvement in about 4 more throat-centered treatments

The muscles around the mouth will be intervened as before, and it is expected to improve significantly in about two more times.

I didn’t avoid much time for myotonia in my hands, and I couldn’t make any improvement this time.

As a supplement, there was a part that focused on the myotonia symptom of the hand, which was easy to measure the effect, but basically all the symptom was judged to be likely to be improved. There is no improvement in hand treatment because it is judged that “symptoms around the throat" should be focused on as “priority" based on “seriousness" and “impact of daily life". (The video is also posted for fixed point observation, but no improvement has been seen.)

Results and discussion: Quantum wave motion device (wave measurement / wave adjustment)

This time as well, we performed wave measurement and wave adjustment for the purpose of “correction of genetic information" that has been ongoing since the first time. We also measured and adjusted the wave motion of the “thymus" and “cell line" that are related to the place where interleukin 6 is released, which we performed from the previous time.

What I was interested in this time was that “muscular dystrophy" disappeared from the disease prediction column in “chromosomes". The symptoms of muscular dystrophy may have been genetically alleviated.

(The fact that it does not come out with a quantum wave motion suggests that it does not resemble the quantum waveform of a person with muscular dystrophy, that is, it is disappearing from the state with such a symptom)

However, although it disappeared in the chromosome, it remains in the wave motion of the RNA and DNA sequences, so whether muscular dystrophy disappears from the list of disease predictions and whether the numerical closeness (D value) decreases in the future. I want to keep an eye on.

* In the record below, the 19th chromosome is on the list of expected muscular dystrophy disease candidates.

Results and discussion: Hydrogen gas inhalation

Aim for continuous inhalation for the purpose of nerve repair and suppression of damage to genetic information.

Results and discussion: Bioelectric current therapy + Qigong (original treatment)

Purpose of this intervention: Improvement of symptoms around the throat

All the symptoms confirmed by the 7th intervention are expected to be alleviated or cured, and to suggest that the effect may be sustained, from “seriousness of the problem", “impact of daily life", etc. As a “priority", we aim to improve “symptoms around the throat" first. Since the “central nervous system problem" is about to be resolved, we will take a little time to continuously improve it, and after the main problem is solved, we will improve the “myotonia of the hands and feet". I’m standing.

This time, we focused on “muscles around the throat" and aimed to thoroughly improve the “both sides" and “front back" of the throat.

Tongue muscle myotonia

As the previous feedback, “The stiffness when moving the tongue left and right improved and disappeared immediately after the procedure, and the symptoms remained when moving it up." In particular, I approached the muscles that move the tongue in the back of the right throat and the muscles that move the tongue in the back of the front throat.

When I actually performed the procedure, I saw a considerable reaction from the throat muscles in the back of the front, which I had not accessed before, and it took more than 30 minutes just to improve it. There was a reaction of about 5-10 minutes on the right side where the symptoms still remained.

The throat can be a deep-seated problem, so we expect it to take another 4-5 times to make dramatic changes.

This time it took 40-50 minutes just for the throat, but next time it will probably be halved, then it will be halved again, and it is predicted that it will tend to be about 5 minutes after about 4 times. When the reaction time reaches about 3-4 minutes at the 5th time, the person’s symptom awareness almost disappears.

Jaw muscle myotonia

For the muscles that affect myotonia of the jaw muscles when bitten, the treatment was performed for 3-4 minutes each on the left and right, and about 3 minutes on the front.

Since this is the second time for the jaw, if it is not a deep-seated problem like the hand, it is expected that the reaction time in the treatment will be shortened in the next two times and the symptoms will not appear much.

Hand myotonia

I haven’t been able to intervene in this regard this time, so next time I’ll spend more time and make visible improvements.

□ Introduction

Devices / apps used


Quantum wave motion device " Quanta Pro " used

Hydrogen generator used " H2 Cube with O2 "


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